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In his spare time, Gerry also writes poetry. Occasionally he posts some of it here.


We were born in the north, we were born in the south
We were born in the east, we were born in the west
Our birth right tells us many things
Above all that we are the best

Nothing more than the roll of the dice
Determines our eventual home
And to this we pledge our allegiance
Regardless of how far we roam

Hun, Vikings, Norseman, Moors
Greeks, Romans, Mongols Gaul
We sailed the seas, crossed the mountains
And scaled unscaleable walls

We spilt the blood of those who opposed
And turned them into dust
With no fear of retribution
For it is in our Gods we trust

Gods who would ignore
Those who’d rather seek
A peaceful, bloodless solution
The calm, the wise, the meek

But we never seem to stop to think
That the wars we perpetually wage
Are but a brief moment in time
Mirrors of a primitive age

Be sure we’re losing the battle
For we commit the greatest sin
For as we fight each other
Only evil can win

For there can be no argument
No logic, rationale or reason
That would have man destroy himself
And commit the ultimate treason

A treachery unrivalled
That can only be the Devil’s plan
For there is only one victim
The foolish race we call man

           Gerry Kyei 04/07/2014